Talbot Education Committee

The Talbot Education Committee is tasked with the curating, managing, and running of the annual Talbot Symposium along with any associated educational tasks, sessions, or conferences. They are responsible for development of the symposia and any extensions of the symposia.

In June 2020, a subcommittee was formed to investigate options for ongoing virtual education opportunities run by AVI.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for growing the Association membership recruitment, and sponsorship, associated with the organization. This includes marketing, campaigns, and any other activities. This committee is supported by the Secretary.

Ethics & Standards Committee

The Ethics and Standards committee is charged with upholding the spirit of AVI and maintaining overall quality of the activities. Any member may be referred to the committee for failure to follow the guidelines and procedures laid out in the bylaws. Any referral by nature is confidential and no discussion of the case shall be had outside of the specific members of the committee. At the conclusion of the discussion, if any action is to be taken, a recommendation to do so must be presented to the Executive Board.

Non-standing Committees & Task Forces

Additional committees or task force groups are sometimes needed. Examples include: website committee, Al Hahn Award Committee, Virtual Education Subcommittee, and the Interoperability Task Force.

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Please consider sponsoring our 2020 education program. Your support will not only help to advance pet health care, but allow veterinarians to lead our profession from within to shape our own future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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