Apply to Speak at the Annual Talbot Informatics Symposium

Fetch Central, August 28-29, 2020

The Executive Board and Education Committee of the 25th Association of Veterinary Informatics (AVI) requests submissions of presentation proposals for the Annual Talbot Veterinary Informatics Symposium. 


We invite speakers with expertise in data management, veterinary healthcare information technology, and practical informatics to join us. Especially those able to speak around our major themes:

#BetterDataSavesPets: (Our symposium motto and hashtag)

Informatics in Practice: Evidence-based veterinary medicine, One Health, Practical workflow, Electronic health records, Epidemiology, Statistics, Data transmission, Effective data mining, Telehealth

The Backbone of Informatics: Standards and Interoperability

Veterinary Educational Technology: Leveraging technology for client education, client engagement, and professional veterinary education

Submissions are invited from both inside and outside the veterinary profession wherever information technologies have been shown effective in solving real problems for veterinarians. Presentations will be chosen competitively with preferences to those aligned with the symposium's theme and/or with information a practitioner might take back to practice. Multiple presentations by the same author are strongly encouraged.

The Talbot Education Committee of AVI will review all proposals.

Please note that these lectures will be RACE Certified Continuing Medical Education. Successfully accepted speakers will need to disclose conflicts of interests. All potential speakers are reminded that this forum is for professional education, not for sales or descriptions of specific commercial products the speaker may be associated with.

Travel expenses and honoraria were available for the 2019 Talbot Symposium, thanks to several generous sponsors. We hope to offer similar reimbursements with our continued sponsor relationship, but do not at this time know what those amounts will be. (Speakers: Expense report template is available here.)

The deadline for abstract submissions is Friday, December 15th, 2019. Speakers will be notified by late December if they have been successful. Proposals, consisting of title, abstract, keywords, author(s), degrees, affiliation, role or job position and contact information (email, address, phone) must be submitted via our online submission form. Accepted speakers must then prepare a biography, full proceedings paper, and a slide deck in accordance with Fetch dvm360 Kansas City policy.

Please note that the AVI will supply a PowerPoint template including AVI logos, Fetch Logos, and a sponsorship page that we appreciate speakers inserting into their presentations.

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