Deadline to apply for to speak at Talbot 2019

  • 14 Dec 2018

Apply to Speak at the Annual Talbot Informatics Symposium

Fetch Central, August 23-26, 2019

The Executive Board and Education Committee of the Association of Veterinary Informatics (AVI) requests submissions of presentation proposals for the 23rd Annual Talbot Veterinary Informatics Symposium. 


We invite speakers with expertise in data management, veterinary healthcare information technology, and practical informatics to join us. Especially those able to speak around our major themes:

#BetterDataSavesPets: (Our symposium motto and hashtag)

Informatics in Practice: Evidence-based veterinary medicine, One Health, Practical workflow, Electronic health records, Epidemiology, Statistics, Data transmission, Effective data mining, Telehealth

The Backbone of Informatics: Standards and Interoperability

Veterinary Educational Technology: Leveraging technology for client education, client engagement, and professional veterinary education

Read more and access the online form:

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