Webinar with Vetreum Technologies

  • 11 Apr 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Join us for a webinar with Vetreum Technologies

In 2023, Dr. Zach Meyers, DVM and Nic Herfel co-founded Vetreum with the mission of making advanced technology accessible to veterinarians. Their collaboration has led to the development of groundbreaking tools designed to revolutionize veterinary care:

Baxter: Veterinary Chatbot App – This application leverages a popular advanced large language model, optimized for veterinary use. It assists professionals with quick access to crucial information such as differential diagnoses, treatment plans, pathophysiology, dosages, and offers medical scribe services. The team is exploring integrating these large language models (LLMs) with existing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for patient-specific queries, with promising demonstrations already underway.

Low-Cost Digital Slide Scanning Software – Addressing the high costs and logistical challenges of traditional digital slide scanning, Vetreum's innovative solution transforms slide scanning into a simple, accessible process. This is achieved through a low-cost, automated 3D printed microscope, bypassing the need for expensive equipment or external lab services. While the hardware has been developed, efforts are ongoing to refine the software infrastructure, with the goal of integrating cytology models directly into the microscope.

Cytologic Diagnostic Software – The team has successfully developed a fecal float model and is in the process of expanding its capabilities to include white blood cell classification. This software aims to match, or even surpass, the diagnostic accuracy of a human technician, representing a significant advancement in veterinary diagnostic technology.

Through these initiatives, Dr. Meyers and Nic are not just bridging the gap between technology and veterinary care but are setting new standards for innovation in the field. Their presentation will not only showcase these exciting developments but also demonstrate Vetreum's commitment to enhancing veterinary practices through accessible, cutting-edge technology.

About the presenters:

Dr. Zach Meyers, DVM, practices as a small animal general practitioner in a rural suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. Since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Veterinary Medicine in 2022, he has been deeply committed to fostering the humane animal bond and enhancing access to veterinary care. His curiosity about the intersection of technology and veterinary medicine led him to explore innovative solutions to improve veterinary practice.

Nic Herfel, the lead data scientist at a major national telecommunications company in Madison, Wisconsin, graduated with a data analytics degree from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in 2018. Nic's passion for data science, sparked through community projects and conferences, has driven him to explore its application beyond traditional fields.

About the AVI Webinar Series: The purpose of the AVI Webinar Series is to provide a vendor-agnostic forum for education and networking. Join us to learn from academic, industry, and government organizations who are using information technology and data science to improve the lives of animals and veterinary healthcare teams.

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